Stretch Mark Cream – Best Stretch Mark Cream of 2011

One of the most common skin problems is stretch mark. It is very unsightly and shows an unhealthy person because of the lines that is visibly seen on the different parts of the body. This skin condition can be removed either by surgery or products. There are now effective stretch mark creams that we can use in the hope of removing the signs of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are considered as “linear scars”. This condition affects the thin layer of our skin which is very sensitive to stretching. So as the skin is being stretched, or scratched, the visible lines start to develop and they look quite permanent on the skin. Some of the causes of stretch marks are: pregnancy, obesity, puberty growth spurts, weight lifting and scratching.

This said marks appear reddish or purple lines at first and as it fades, they become silver in color. Even though they fade as we grow older, there are still signs of the stretch marks left on the skin and without proper treatment, we can have them for many year. An effective product that can get rid of stretch marks comes in cream forms.

Upon looking for the right stretch mark cream, you need to be aware that you are treating three layers of the skin which are: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous stratum. The treating needs to start from the surface of the skin down to the inner layers because it is a skin-deep problem.

The epidermis is what keeps the skin to reshape. However if there is too much stretching, the epidermis becomes less elastic, thus is unable to tolerate too much stretching which makes the marks and lines appear. Good thing there are creams that can solve this type of skin condition.

Right now, there are dozens of stretch mark creams in the market. Our team revealed some of the best and most effective creams for treating stretch marks. We based the creams according to the different reviews. After months of continued research, we rated our own stretch mark creams product review.

Rank Product Name User Rating Price Review Visit
1 Revitol $39.95 Read Review Visit Site
2 Dermology Trial Read Review Visit Site
3 Trilastin Sr $79.95 Read Review Visit Site
4 Strivectin SD $135 Read Review Visit Site
5 Revitagen $69.95 Read Review Visit Site
6 Bio Oil $34.95 Read Review Visit Site

Top 6 Anti-Stretch Mark Cream Rating Table


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

revitol stretch mark cream

This cream is also known as the Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream. It is now one of the most trusted treating agents for stretch marks and skin lines. Revitol contains only the quality ingredients that help to heal the skin imperfections. The cream has the unique combination of ingredients like vitamins A, D3 and E together with squalene oil and fruit extracts.

Revitol targets the layers inside the skin where the collagen breaking down occurred which causes the skin fabric to tear and thus creating the stretch marks.  The nutrients that are found in the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream provide the production of more collagen and elastin in the skin in order to prevent the stretch marks from coming back. It minimizes the current stretch marks, and prevents the development of new ones as well as other skin imperfections.

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Targets collagen structure
  • Contains effective ingredients
  • No harmful chemicals

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Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention

Dermology Stretch Mark Cream is designed to help prevent the development of stretch marks on the skin as well as removing the current existing ones. This effective cream contains ingredients like Vitamins A, D3 and E which are essential for the nourishment of the skin.

We can also find fruit extracts like grapefruit plus Aloe Vera and squalene oil. The said ingredients help prevent the tearing of the skin and make it more elastic to tolerate further stretching.

  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Best overall value
  • Makes the skin elastic
  • Provides nutrients for the skin

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Trilastin Sr

Trilastin Sr

This is a very popular stretch mark treatment that is designed to heal even the inner layers of the skin. Trilastin Sr has been popularized when it has been featured in Tyra Banks Show.

Just like the other stretch mark creams, it contains the essential ingredients in helping the skin heal the imperfections and existing marks.

  • Hypoallergenic & non-greasy
  • No side effects
  • Targets inner layers of the skin
  • Effective stretch mark removal agent

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