Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Apart from having a baby, there are other changes that pregnancy can give us. One of them is stretch marks. Actually, it is one of the most threatening things that happen during pregnancy. Even though we cannot avoid this skin condition during the stage, there are still stretch mark prevention techniques that we can do.

Stretch mark is the result of the tearing and pulling of the skin. As these happen, the collagen bonds on our skin break down with results to stretch mark formation. At first, we notice stretch marks with a purplish or reddish look. As we grow older, they become silvery and to lighter shade. Yet still, by this time, the stretch marks remain very visible.

Prevent Pregnancy Stretchmarks

Using Creams to Prevent Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Usually, stretch marks are used after we had the stretch marks. But when it comes to pregnancy, we can stop the stretch mark formation by using the creams beforehand. For sure, you know when you are going to get pregnant. This will help you get ready as your tummy gets bigger. During the first months of your pregnancy, begin using the stretch mark creams. This will prevent the coming of further ones.

By doing this, you can avoid having problems with them after you have given birth. The idea is to keep the areas moisture and nourished. Most of the stretch mark creams have that kind of formula. They contain the best and most essential ingredients that fight stretch marks.

An example of an effective stretch mark cream is from Revitol. For many years, the Revitol manufacturing company has been producing skin care products that nourish the skin. We can also use this during pregnancy.

Revitol actually have a unique formula for stretch mark prevention. Unlike with the other creams that cure stretch marks as they occur, the Revitol prevents them from ever forming if we continue to use it.

Other Stretch Mark Prevention

Pregnancy is a whole different subject when it comes to stretch marks. Unlike the normal skin changes, this will take a lot of stretching and pulling because of the baby inside our tummy. But because we know when we’re already pregnant, it helps us prevent stretch marks to occur.

First, we need to keep ourselves hydrated. This will keep our body moisture. The skin will also remain moisturized. To do this, drink lots of liquids daily. 8 to 10 glasses of water is needed.

Applying lotions to keep our skin moisturized is also helpful. This will also add more elasticity to the skin. For this, you can use the right lotions and creams that contain the right formula for preventing stretch marks.

Having a baby shouldn’t be a burden at all just because of the threats of stretch marks. Begin preventing them from forming at the first stage of pregnancy.

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