Does Weight Loss Cause Stretch Marks? Know the Facts

Stretch marks are simply caused by the tearing of the skin. It happens during puberty when our body enters a rapid growth stage. During this period, we grow taller, gain more muscle mass, and either gain weight or lose weight. These changes drastically damage the skin tissues as they get stretched and torn. As a result, stretch marks occur. Weight loss, being a factor that causes stretch marks can be prevented if you know the simple ways on how to do it properly.

During the first appearance of stretch marks, the affected areas become purple or reddish in color. This is due to the chemical reaction of the skin as the tissues get torn apart. It usually becomes very itchy. Later on, it turns into silver marks or lighter color, but stay visible. Without proper treatment, this condition can even be permanent.

Stretch Marks

Weight loss can either treat or cause stretch marks. Actually, it is one of the major causes of stretch marks. The drastic adjustments of the body to tolerate the changes have their own side effects and stretch mark is one of them. Even weight gain can cause it.

We can prevent this by watching how we lose or gain weight. Make sure that the process is done slowly so that there wouldn’t be any side effects. However during puberty, it is difficult to control this as our body takes in control of itself during puberty stage.

Preventing Stretch Marks Caused by Weight Loss

Some of you may be thinking of losing weight, and of course, you want to do it fast. However, this is not actually good for your body and skin. Our skin cannot tolerate the fast changes that our body makes. Just like when we’re gaining weight, our skin gets pulled and stretched as well when we lose weight. When you decide to practice weight loss, you need to do it slowly and carefully so that our skin won’t get too surprised with the changes.

Some of those who find out the weight gain causes stretch marks think that weight loss is the answer to prevent it. Well, it could but there is a proper step for that. If you want to prevent stretch marks, try to lose weight slowly. During puberty is the perfect time to shrug all those extra childhood weights. Chubby kids need to start losing weight as they enter puberty, but don’t try to look skinny.

Maintain the ideal weight for your age. Stay healthy. Don’t stop eating; which some people think is the answer to losing weight. Eat protein-rich foods together with vegetables and fruits. These will help get rid of the excess fats in your body but not the muscles.

As you lose weight slowly, you can stop the formation of stretch marks. Losing weight only causes the stubborn marks if we lose too quickly. Make it a slow and long term goal so that your body and skin will be ready to whatever changes your body will be having.

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